WEST BROMWICH ALBION F.C. Match Day Programmes

Condition of each programme is excellent unless stated

Please select the programmes you require and contact us, we will invoice your total,

Postage is FREE with-in the UK

All programmes will be sent in a card backed envelope.

Pricing is per season, per programme unless otherwise stated


1948/49, £20 each v Fulham, 

1953/54, £15 each WBA Official Handbook, v Charlton. (fold, team written on back cover)

1954/55, £12 each  v Aston Villa, (fold) v Leicester, (fold, rusty staple)

1956/57, £10 each v Arsenal,  (FA Cup, spine split, writing on front cover) 

1957/58, £9 each v Birmingham, (staple rusty) v Newcastle,  (staple rusty, team change) v Nottm Forest, (fold) v Sheff Utd, (FA Cup, staple rusty) v Sheff Wed, (reserves) v Tottenham, (staple removed, slight bleed)

1958/59, £8 each v Athletico Bilbao, (£10, friendly, staple bleed) v Birmingham, (fold) v Blackpool,  

1959/60, £7 each v Sheff Wed, (fold)

1960/61, £6 each v Aston Villa, (fold, tape mark) v Fulham, (TC's & fold)

1961/62, £5 each v Blackpool, (fold) v Bolton, (worn edges) v Fulham, v Leicester, (fold) v Nottm Forest, v Sheff Wed, v Wolves,

1963/64, £4 each v Stoke, (edges worn)

1964/65, £4 each v Fulham, v Sheff Utd v Sunderland, v WBA XI, (Williams Testimonial, writing on cover)

1965/66, £4 each v Arsenal, v Aston Villa, v Blackburn, v Man Utd, v Peterborough, (£5, Lge Cup Semi Final, worn edges)  

1966/67, £3 each v Chelsea, (TC's) v Man City, (£5, Reserves) v Southampton, v Tottenham, 

1967/68, £3 each v Arsenal, v Leicester, v Sunderland, 

1968/69, £3 each v Brugge, (£6, ECWC) v Dunfirmline, (£10, ECWC) v Dynamo Bucharest, (£6, ECWC)  v Everton, v Leeds Utd, v Leicester, v Leicester, (£5, FA Cup Semi Final, slight crease) v Man Utd, (score noted inside) v Nottm Forest, v QPR, v Sheff Wed, v Wolves, 
1969/70, £3 v Leicester, (edges worn) v Man Utd,
1971/72, £2.50 each v Tottenham,

1972/73, £2.50 each  v Liverpool, v Southampton,

1976/77, £2.50 each v Leeds Utd, 

1977/78, £2.50 each v Ipswich, (£5, FA Cup Semi Final, cover marked) v Leeds Utd, 

1978/79,   v Leeds Utd, (£4, FA Cup, replay feb) v Leeds Utd, (£4, FA Cup, replay, mar)

1979/80, £2.50 each v Ajax, (£10, Friendly) v Leeds Utd, (Lge Cup) v Leeds Utd, 

1980/81, £2 each v Leeds Utd, 

1981/82, £2 each v Leeds Utd, v Liverpool, v Tottenham, (£4, Lge Cup Semi Final)

1986/87, £2 each v Leeds Utd, 

1987/88, £2 each v Leeds Utd, 

1990/91, £3 each v Charlton, 

1995/96, £3 each v Charlton, (edges worn)

1997/98, £3 each v Liverpool,  (Lge Cup)

2002/2003, £4 each v Charlton,

2004/2005, £4 each v Liverpool, 

2019/2020, £5 each v Charlton, (TC's)



WEST BROMWICH ALBION F.C. Match Day Programmes