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Matches played at Upton Park
1991/92, (Div Two) v Barnet, (FA Cup) v Derby,  
Back at the Valley

1992/93 (Lge One) v Brentford, v Derby, v Grimsby, v Leeds Utd, (£4, FA Cup) v Millwall, v Tranmere,

1993/94 (Lge One) v Bristol City,(FA Cup) v Burnley, (FA Cup) v C.Palace, v Millwall, v Peterborough, (junior ticket) v Portsmouth, v Wolves, 

1994/95 (Lge One) v Portsmouth, v Port Vale, v Sheff Utd, v Sheff Wed, (£4, B.Bolder Benefit) v Swindon, (Lge Cup)

1995/96 (Lge One) v Brentford, (FA Cup) v C.Palace, (£5, play-off semi final) v Leicester, v Norwich, v Sheff Wed, (FA Cup) v Tranmere, v West Ham Utd, (friendly) v Wolves, (Lge Cup)

1996/97 (Lge One) v Burnley, (Lge Cup) v Coventry, (friendly) v Liverpool, (£4, Lge Cup), v Newcastle, (£4, FA Cup) v Wolves, 

1997/98 (Lge One) v Nottm Forest, (FA Cup) v QPR, v Reading, v Sunderland, v Sunderland, (£10, Play-Off Final) v Wolves, (FA Cup)

1998/99, (Lge One) v Leicester, (Lge Cup) v QPR, (Lge Cup)

1999/00 (Lge One) v Bournemouth, (Lge Cup) v Huddersfield, v Swindon, v Swindon, (FA Cup) v West Ham Utd, (friendly)

2000/01 (Premier Lge-£4 each) v Dagenham, (FA Cup) v Vicenza, (S.Brown Testimonial) v Stoke, 

2001/02 (Premier Lge - £4 each) v Blackpool, (FA Cup) v Southampton, v Walsall, (FA Cup)

2002/03 (Premier Lge - £4 each) v Oxford, (Lge Cup) v Porto, (Testimonial)  

2003/04 (Premier Lge -£4 each) v Luton, (Lge Cup)
2004/05 (Premier Lge - £4 each) v Leicester, (FA Cup) v Man Utd, (Reserve Cup) v Yeovil, (FA Cup)
2008/2009 v Athletico Bilbao, (£4, Friendly)

2011/12 (Lge One) v Bury, 

2013/14 (Championship) v Barnsley, v Nottm Forest, v Sheff Wed, v Watford,

2014/15 (Championship) v Birmingham, v Cardiff, v Colchester, (Lge Cup) v Ipswich, v Watford, v Wolves, 

2015/16 (Championship) v Brentford, v Fulham, v Hull, v QPR, v Rotherham, 

2016/17 (Lge One) v Bolton, v Chesterfield, v Northampton, v Rochdale, v Wimbledon, 

2019/20 (Championship) v Blackburn, v  Leeds Utd, (away supporter)

2021/22 (Lge One) v Aston Villa U21, (£4, Papa John's Trophy) v Cambridge Utd, v Doncaster, v MK Dons, (£4, Papa John's Trophy) v Plymouth, v Portsmouth,



1991/92, (Division Two) v Bristol Rovers,

1992/93, (Division One) v Leeds Utd, (FA Cup) £4

1993/94, (Division One) v Bristol City, v Bristol City, (FA Cup), v Luton, v Man Utd, (FA Cup) £5 v Stoke, 

1995/96, (Division One) v C.Palace, (£5, play-off semi final) v Norwich, 

1997/98, (Division One, Promotion Season), v Birmingham, v Man City, £4 v Port Vale, v Wolves, (FA Cup) £4 

1999/2000, (Division One, Promotion Season) v C.Palace, v Man City, £4 v Walsall,

2000/2001, (Premier League) v Southampton, v Tottenham, £4

2001/2002, (Premier League) v Tottenham, £4 v Watford, 

2002/2003, (Premier League) v Arseanl, v Aston Villa, v Bolton, v Fulham, v Fulham, (FA Cup) v Liverpool, £4 v Southampton, v WBA, v West Ham Utd, £4

2003/2004, (Premier League) v Man City,

2005/2006, (Premier League) v Liverpool, £4

2013/2014, (Championship) v Blackpool, v Sheff Utd, (FA Cup) £4 v Sheff Wed, (FA Cup) £4 v Wimbledon, (friendly)

2014/2015, (Championship) v Bournemouth, v Ipswich, v Peterborough, (friendly) v Rotherham, 

2015/2016, (Championship) v Blackburn, v Brentford, v Brighton, v Cardiff, v Colchester, (FA Cup) v Dagenham, (friendly) v Peterborough, (Lge Cup)

2016/2017, (League One) v Fleetwood,

2017/2018, (League One) v Rochdale,

2018/2019, (League One) v MK Dons, (Lge Cup)

2019/2020, (Championship) v Colchester, (friendly) v Stoke, v Wigan,

2021/2022, (League One) v Cambridge Utd, v Doncaster, v Leyton Orient, (£4, Papa John's Trophy) v Lincoln. v Oxford, v Shrewsbury, v Wycombe,

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