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1969/70, v Leeds Utd, (£90, FA Cup Final)
1977/78, v Man Utd, (£6, duplicate)
1985/86,( (£3 each, date noted in pencil on back of each ticket) v Fulham, (Lge Cup) v Liverpool, (FA Cup) v Newcastle, v QPR, v West Ham Utd,
1992/93, v Newcastle, (£4, Lge Cup)
1993/94, v Wolves, (£4, FA Cup) 
1997/98, v Man Utd, (£12, Charity Shield) 
2000/01, v Man Utd, (£12, Charity Shield)
2001/02, v Fulham, (£7, FA Cup Semi, slight fold)
2003/04, v Arsenal, £6, Champs Lge) v AS Monaco, £5, Champs Lge) v Stuttgart, (£5, Champs Lge)
2004/05, v Birmingham, (£4, FA Cup) v CSKA Moscow, (£5, Champs Lge) v Liverpool, (£15, Lge Cup Final) v Man Utd, (£4, Prem Lge) v Real Zaragoza, (£7, Zola tribute) 
2006/07, v Colchester, (£4, FA Cup) v Man Utd, (£25, FA Cup Final)
2007/08, (Premier League, £4 unless stated) v Huddersfield, (FA Cup) v Man City, v Newcastle, v Portsmouth, v QPR, v Sunderland, v Tottenham, (£10, Lge Cup Final) 
2011/12, v Liverpool, (£25, FA Cup Final)
2013/14, v Man City, (£4, Premier Lge)


CHELSEA F.C. Match Day Ticket Stubs