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1950/51,£16 each v WBA, (fold)

1952/53, £14 each v Cardiff, 

1953/54, £13 each v Bolton, (rusty staple) v Charlton, (score noted)

1956/57 ,£10 each v Sunderland, (staple bleed) 

1957/58 £9 each  v Birmingham, v Newcastle, (fold, staple rusty, worn edges) v Tottenham,

1958/59 ,£8 each v Bristol City, v Derby,

1959/60 ,£7 each  v West Ham, (score noted)

1960/61, £6 each v Birmingham, 

1961/62 ,£6 each v Chelsea, (team changes) v Man City, (team changes, corner fold)  

1962/63 ,£4 each v Man Utd, (ink stain, wear on spine) v Tottenham,  (goal scorers) v Wolves, 

1963/64, £4 each v Wolves,

1964/65 ,£4 each v Leicester City, (rusty staple, corner crease) 

1965/66 ,£4 each v Leeds, (rusty staple) v Sunderland, (staple bleed) v Tottenham,

1966/67 ,£3 each v Man City,  (small mark) v Mansfield, (FA Cup) v QPR,  (water mark) v Southampton, (small mark)

1967/68 ,£3 each v Arsenal, v Chelsea, v Chelsea, (FA Cup) £5 v Coventry, (staple bleed) v Liverpool, v Man Utd, v Southampton, v Stoke, v Stoke City, (League Cup) 

1968/69 ,£3 each v Coventry, v Everton, v Leeds Utd, v Leeds Utd, (FA Cup, staple bleed) v Leicester, (scorers noted) v Liverpool, (back cover marked) v Man Utd, v Southampton, v Sunderland, v West Ham, (double issue with Nottm Forest) v Wolves, 

1969/70, £3 each v Handbook,(creased) £6 v Derby, (corner fold)

1972/73, £3 each v Fulham,

1982/83, £3 each, v Leeds Utd,

1983/84, £3 each, v Leeds Utd,

1987/88, £3 each v Liverpool, £5

1988/89, £3 each, v Charlton,

1990/91, £3 each, v Chelsea, (Lge cup semi) £5

1995/96, £3 each v Chelsea,

1996/97, £4 each, v Chelsea, v Leicester,

2013/14 £4 each, v Charlton,(FA Cup)