Please select the programmes you require and e.mail us, we will send you an invoice.

Programme prices are per programme per season, with rarer editions priced individually.

Postage is FREE with-in the UK, 

All programmes purchased will be posted in a card backed envelope


1949/50, £20 each v Doncaster, (FA Cup) £20 v Port Vale, v Swindon, (spine split) v Torquay Utd, (fold, score recorded)

1954/55, £9 each v Newcastle, (Benefit Match, fold) £10

1956/57, £8 each  v Bedford Town, (FA Cup, fold, back cover marked and torn)

1957/58, £7 each v Southampton, (fold, staple removed)

1958/59, £6 each v Notts County, v Watford, (FA Cup 1st Rd) 

1960/61, £5 each v Barnsley, v QPR, (wear along spine)

1961/62, £5 each v Newport, (score noted) v QPR, 30/8/61

1962/63, £5 each v Bournemouth, (fold) v Port Vale, (mark along spine) 

1963/64, £4 each v Bristol Rovers, v Crewe,

1964/65, £4 each v Burnley, (FA Cup) v Hull, (cover marked) v QPR, v Watford,

1965/55, £4 each v Burnley, (FA Cup) v Oldham, v Oxford, (worn) v Port Vale, (mark on cover) v Sheff Wed, (FA Cup) v Swindon, v York City, 

1966/67, £3 each  v Colchester Utd, v Select XI, (little worn) v Swansea, v Watford, 

1967/68, £3 each v Peterborough Utd, 

1968/69, £3 each v Plymouth, (score recorded, edges worn)

1971/72, £2 each v Arsenal, (FA Cup)

1973/74, £2 each v Peterborough,

1984/85, £2 each v Walsall, 

1986/87, £2 each v Leeds Utd,

1987/88, £2 each v Leeds Utd,

2012/2013, £4 each v Southampton, 

2013/2014, £4 each v Sheff Wed,

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