Pin fastening, New, Crested, with Commemorative Poppy

£8.50 each please state which Poppy Badge you require, will be posted FREE


1) Scarf, with crest and 'Lest We Forget' pin fastening, measures 30 mm by 16 mm

2) Small lapel crest and poppy, measures 22 mm by 10 mm.

3) crest with poppies, 'We Will Remember Them' measures 20 mm by 20 mm

4) Large crested poppy, 'Every Day Is Rememberance Day' measures 28 mm by 26 mm.

5) Linfield & Rangers 'A Tribute To Our Heroes' measures 32 mm by 26 mm.

6) Poppy and Crest, measures 25 mm by 14 mm.

POPPY BADGE's Collectable/Commemorative