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Programmes will be posted in card backed envelopes

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Prices are per season, per programme with rarer editions higher priced 


1948/49, £16 each v Swansea, (spine split)

1953/54, £11 each v Colchester, (foxing on cover) v Reading, (fold, staple rusty) v Walsall, (some foxing)

1954/55, £10 each v Charlton, (£12, friendly) v Man City, (£20, Floodlit Football, TC's, slight wear) v Newport County, (Score written on cover some wear)

1955/56, £9 each v Aldershot, (corner fold) v Bournemouth, (small crease, little mottled) v Charlton, (£25, Kent Cup Final) v Millwall, (£15, practice match) v Northampton, (fold) v Norwich, (fold) v Rotherham, (£15, Floodlite League, slight stain) v Southampton, (£15, reserves)  

1956/57, £8 each v Birmingham, (FA Cup, back cover marked) v Bournemouth, v C.Palace, (TC's) v Exeter, (score noted) v Orient, (£10, friendly) v Southampton, (Rusty staple, stain pages) v Swindon,

1957/58, £7 each v Brentford, (attendance written on cover) v Charlton, (£25, Kent Cup Final) v Colchester, v C.Palace, (Staple rusty) v Plymouth, v QPR, (TC's) v Rotherham, (staple rusty) v Shrewsbury, (staple rusty) v Sunderland, (friendly, rusty staple) v Torquay, (score noted on cover) v Watford, (fold, TC's)

1958/59, £6 each v Charlton, (£25, Kent Cup Final) v Exeter, (fold, TC's) v Gatehead, (fold) v Hartlepool, (TC's, little wear) v Millwall, (£15, practice match, score noted) v Northampton, 

1959/60, £6 each v Barrow, v Charlton, (£10, Kent Challenge Final, score noted centre page) v Crewe, (fold) v Doncaster, v Gateshead, (fold, staple removed) v Millwall, (£15, practice match) v Northampton, (fold, score recorded)

1960/61, £5 each v Grimsby, (£10, Friendly)

1961/62, £5 each v Aldershot,  (scorers recorded) v Crewe Alexandra, (fold) v Doncaster, (fold)

1962/63, £5 each v Northampton, (fold), v Peterborough, (colour fade) v Southend, 

1963/64, £4 each v Barnsley, v Coventry, (fold) v Notts County, v Peterborough, (Lge cup, fold) v Port Vale, 

1964/65, £4 each v Brighton, (fold) v Charlton, (£10, Kent Cup Final) v Crewe, v Fulham, (FA Cup) v Lincoln, v Newport, v Notts County, v Port Vale, (FA Cup) v Shrewsbury, (FA Cup) v Stockport, v Wrexham, v York, (score typed on cover) v Lincoln City, 

1965/66, £4 each v Brentford, (mark on cover) v Grimsby, (fold, TC's) v Mansfield, (fold) v Norwich City, (£10, Practice Match) v Swindon, (TC's) 

1966/67, £3 each  v Brentford, (Lge Cup) v Charlton, v Coventry City, v Ipswich, (fold) v Norwich, v Preston, (Score on centre page) v Wolves, 

1967/68, £3 each v Huddersfield, v Plymouth, (score noted) v Rotherham, (fold) v Sheff Utd, (Lge Cup) v Bolton, (little discolouration)

1968/69, £3 each v Bolton, (attendance noted) v Bristol City, (scorers noted) v Bury, v Charlton, v C.Palace, v Derby, v Fulham, (score noted) v Middlesbrough, v Norwich, v Oxford, (attendance noted) v Sheff Utd, 

1969/70, £3 each v Aston Villa, v Blackburn, v Bristol City, v Charlton, v Leicester, (team changes) v Norwich City, v Portsmouth, 

1970/71, £2 each v Birmingham, v Blackburn, v Bristol City, v Cardiff, v Charlton, v Norwich, v Orient, v Oxford, v Sheff Utd, v        

1971/72, £2 each v Carlisle, v Charlton, v Hull, v Luton, v Middlesbrough, (FA Cup, rusty staple) v Nottm Forest, (FA Cup) v Orient, v Preston, v Watford, 

1972/73, £3 each v Blackpool, v Bristol City, v Huddersfield, v Nottm Forest, v Luton, v Middlesbrough, v Oxford, v Preston, v Sheff Wed, v Swindon, v Sunderland, 

1973/74, £2 each v Bolton, (Lge Cup) v Bristol City, v Cardiff, v Hull, v Luton, v Orient, v Oxford, v Preston, v Sunderland, 

1974/75, £2 each, v Blackpool, v Bolton, v Hull, v Oldham, v Orient, v Oxford, v Portsmouth, 

1975/76, £2 each v Brighton, v C.Palace, v Hereford, v Peterborough, v Preston, v Walsall, 

1976/77, £2 each v Colchester, (Lge Cup) v Notts County,

1977/78, £2 each v Blackburn, v Bury, (Lge Cup) v C.Palace, v Hull, v Luton, v Mansfield, v Orient v Southampton, v Stoke, 

1979/80, £2 each v Barnsley, v Blackburn, v Blackpool, v Chester, v Colchester, v Gillingham, 

1980/81, £2 each v Barnsley, v Carlisle, v Charlton, v Chester, v Colchester, v Gillingham, v Hull, v Reading, v Walsall, 

1981/82, £2 each v Charlton, (£4, friendly) v Fulham, v Gillingham, v Preston, 

1985/86, £2 each v Charlton, v Leeds Utd,

1986/87, £2 each v Leeds Utd,

1987/88, £2 each v Leeds Utd, v Leeds Utd, (£5, simod cup)

1989/90, £2 each v Charlton, 

2003/04, £4 each v Man United, (£12, FA Cup final) 

2012/13, £5 each v Wigan, (£10, FA Cup Semi Final) 

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