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1970/71, £3 each  v Middlesbrough, (£4, FA Cup) 

1971/72, £3 each v Tottenham, 

1972/73, £3 each v Celtic, (£12, Charlton testimonial) v Wolves,   

1973/74, £3 each v Man City, (£10, T.Dunne Testamonial) v Tottenham, 

1974/75, £8 each  v Blackpool, 

1975/76, £4 each v Leeds Utd, v Middlesbrough, v Peterborough, (FA Cup) v Red Star Belgrade, (£10, Friendly) v Southampton, (£15, FA Cup Final) v Tottenham, 

1976/77, £3 each v Ajax, (UEFA cup) £6 v Aston Villa, v Benfica, (£6, Stepney Testimonial, scratched) v Bristol City, v Coventry, v Derby, v Everton, v Ipswich, v Juventus, (£6, UEFA cup) v Leeds Utd, v Liverpool, v Middlesbrough, v Newcastle, v Norwich, v Stoke, v Tottenham, v Tranmere Rovers,(League Cup) v Sunderland, (League Cup) v Sunderland, (cover marked) v WBA,  

1977/78, £3 each v Arsenal, v Birmingham, v Carlisle, (FA Cup) v Chelsea, v Leicester, v Liverpool, v Newcastle, v Norwich, v Nottm Forest v Preston, (£7, central lge) v Wolves, 

1978/79, £3 each v Aston Villa, v Bolton, v  Bristol City, v Coventry, v Derby, v Leeds Utd, v Liverpool, v Stockport County, (£5, League Cup) v Tottenham, v Tottenham, (£5, FA Cup) 

1979/80, £3 each v Leeds Utd, v Liverpool,

1980/81, £4 each v Arsenal, v Leeds Utd,

1981/82, £4 each  v Leeds Utd, v Notts County, 

1982/83, £4 each v Arsenal, (£7, FA Cup Semi Final) v Stoke, v WBA, 

1983/84, £4 each  v Aberdeen, (£7, Buchan Testimonial, small piece torn from back) v Juventus, (£7, ECWC, semi final, fold) v Leicester, v Nottm Forest, v Spartak Varna, (£5, ECWC) v WBA,  

1984/85, £4 each  v Arsenal, v Liverpool, (£8, FA Cup Semi Final) v Liverpool, (£8, FA Cup Semi Final Replay) v Sheff Wed, 

1985/86, £4 each v Arsenal, v Aston Villa, v Birmingham, v Chelsea, v Coventry, v Everton, (super screen cup) v Ipswich, v Leicester, v Liverpool, v Man City, v Newcastle, v Nottm Forest, v Oxford, v QPR, v Rochdale, (FA Cup) v Southampton, v Sunderland, (FA Cup), v Tottenham, v Watford, v WBA, 

1986/87, £4 each  v Arsenal, v Chelsea, v Coventry, v Everton, v Leicester, v Luton, v Man City v Norwich, v Sheff Wed, v Southampton, v Southampton, (Lge Cup) v Tottenham, v Watford, 

1987/88, £4 each v Charlton, v Chelsea, (marked) v C.Palace, v Hull, v Liverpool, v Man City, (£10, Albiston Testimonial) v Norwich, v Nottm Forest, (small tear) v Oxford, v Tottenham, 

1988/89, £4 each v Blackburn, (reserves) v Man City, (£10, Moran Testimonial) v QPR, v Sheff Wed, v Tottenham,   

1989/90, £4 each v Derby, v Norwich, v Liverpool, (£5) 


MANCHESTER UNITED F.C. 70's / 80's Match Day Programmes