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1980/81, £4 each v Aberdeen, (European Cup) £8 v Altrincham, (FA Cup) v Birmingham, v Bradford City, (Lge Cup) v Coventry, v Leeds Utd, v Leicester, v Man City, (Lge Cup Semi Final, fold) v Man Utd, v Nottm Forest, v Oulu Palloseura, (£8, European Cup) v Southampton, v Stoke, v Sunderland, v Tottenham, v West Ham Utd, (£7, Charity Shield, corner fold) v West Ham Utd, (£10, Lge Cup Final) v Wolves, 

1981/82, £4 each v Alkmaar, (European Cup) v Arsenal, v Arsenal, (Lge Cup) v CSKA Sofia, v Exeter City, (£7, League Cup) v Ipswich, v Leeds Utd, v Man Utd, v Nottm Forest, v Tottenham, (£10, League Cup Final), 

1982/83, £4 each v Aston Villa, v Dundalk, (European Cup) v Helsinki, (European Cup) v Man Utd, (FA Cup Final) £15 v Norwich, v Rotherham, (Lge Cup) v Tottenham, (Charity Shield) £8 v Tottenham, v Southampton, v Swansea, v Watford, v Widzew Lodz, (European Cup)

1983/84, £3 each v Arsenal, v Man Utd, (Charity Shield) £12 v Walsall, (Lge Cup Semi Final) £8  

1984/85, £3 each v Benfica, (european cup, small tear) v Juventus, (European Cup Final) £25 v Sunderland, v Tottenham, (FA Cup) v Tottenham, 

1985/86, £3 each v Leicester, v Man Utd, v QPR, v Tottenham, v Tottenham, (Super Cup) £6 v Watford, 

1986/87, £3 each v Arsenal, (fold) v Nottm Forest, v Tottenham, 

1987/88, £3 each  v Charlton, v Everton, (Lge Cup) £5 v Tottenham, v Wimbledon, (FA Cup Final) £15

1988/89, £4 each v Brentford, (FA Cup) £6 v Man Utd, 

1989/90, £3 each v Man Utd, 

1990/91, £3.50 each v Everton, v Luton, v Man United, (Charity Shield) £12 v Man Utd, v Southampton, 

1991/92, £3.50 each v Arsenal, (Fold) v Portsmouth, (FA Cup Semi Final) £7 v Sunderland, (FA Cup Final, slight corner fold) £30 

1995/96, £3.50 each v Chelsea,

1996/97, £4 each v West Ham Utd, 

1997/98, £5 each v Man Utd v Strasbourg, (UEFA Cup) £7 

2000/01, (A4 Editions, £6 each) Official Years Handbook, (£10) v AS Roma, (UEFA Cup) v Aston Villa, v Barcelona, (£8, UEFA Cup Semi Final) v Bradford City, v Deportivo Alaves, (£10, UEFA Cup Final) v Man City, v Rapid Bucharest, (UEFA Cup) v Sunderland, 

2001/02, £6 each v Dynamo Kiev, (Champions League) 

2002/03, £6 each v Charlton, 

2004/05, £6 each v Charlton. v WBA, 

2005/06, £6 each v Benfica, (Champions Lge) v Birmingham, v CSKA Moscow, (UEFA Super Cup) £12 Middlesbrough, v West Ham Utd, (FA Cup Final) £50 v Wigan, 

2006/07, £6 each v Arsenal, (FA Cup) v Chelsea, v Everton, 

2017/18, £6 each v Southampton, 

2018/19, £6 each v Tottenham, (champions league final) £16

2019/20, £8 each v Chelsea, 

2020/21, £8 each v Arsenal,

LIVERPOOL F.C. Match Day Programmes 1980 to present day