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1931/32, v Charlton, (£95, London Combination League, Single sheet, Fold and worn) 

1943/44, v Charlton, (£200, FA Cup Wartime South Final, match day fold)  

1944/45, v C.Palace, (£40, Football Lge Sth, score noted, two punch holes) 
1946/47, v Aston Villa, (£30, worn, staple removed)

1947/48, v Charlton, £25, little wear) v Wolves, (£30)

1949/50, £16 each v Arsenal, (TC's, a little worn) v Aston Villa, (rusty staple) v Blackpool, (half-times noted) v Burnley, (score noted) v Derby County, (Cover is torn) v Man City, (staple rusty) v Man Utd, (£25, TC's, staple bleed) v Sunderland, (Staples rusty, slight bleed)  

1950/51, £14 each  v Charlton, (slight wear) v Fulham, (score noted on cover) v Liverpool, (£25, TC's) v Portsmouth, ( fold, number written on cover) 

1951/52, £12 each v Arsenal,  (score written on cover) v Burnley, v Charlton, 

1952/53, £10 each v Aston Villa, (fold) v Blackpool, (score noted) v Charlton, (TC's) v Portsmouth, (slight wear) v Sunderland, (worn) v WBA, 

1953/54, £9 each, v Aston Villa, v Charlton, (worn edges) v Sunderland, (slight fold) v Tottenham, (slight wear)

1954/55, £15 each (League Champions) v Red Banner, (£35, friendly, rusty staple) v Walsall, (FA Cup, score noted on front) 

1955/56, £10 each v Cardiff, (Fold, worn edges) v Newcastle, (half-times noted) v Tottenham,

1956/57, £8 each  v Birmingham, (fold) v Bolton, (fold) v Burnley, (pin hole) v Man City, (fold) v Wolves, (half-times noted) 

1957/58, £7 each v Arsenal, (fold, TC's) v Bolton, (stain) v Burnley, (small tear, worn) v CDSA Moscow, (£15, friendly) v Nottm Forest, (score & TC's) v Preston, (half-times noted)

1958/59, £6 each v Arsenal, v Aston Villa, v Birmingham, v Blackburn, v Blackpool, (TC's) v Bolton, v Leicester, (fold) v Newcastle, (fold) v Nottm Forest, v Preston, (fold) v Tottenham, v WBA, (score on cover) v West Ham Utd,  

1959/60, £5 each v Arsenal, (score on cover) v Aston Villa, (FA Cup, worn) v Athletic Bilbao, (£10, friendly) v Birmingham, v Blackburn, (fold) v Bolton, (half-times noted) v Bradford PA, (£8, FA Cup, score noted) v Everton, (fold) v Fulham, (TC's) v Leicester, (fold) v Man Utd, (score on cover, marked) v Preston, (small tear, TC's) v Sheff Wed, v Tottenham, v WBA, v West Ham Utd, (TC's) v Wolves, (fold)

CHELSEA F.C. Match Day Programmes 1930's to 1959/60