CHARLTON ATHLETIC F.C. Pre 1950's Match Day Programmes

All programmes are in excellent condition unless stated,

Please e.mail us for program availability and invoice for your purchase.

Programmes are priced as each per season's price, rarer editions are most expencive

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Programmes will be posted in a card backed envelope


1936/37, £110 each v Coventry City,(£80, London Combination, cover stained) v Swansea,(£80, London Combination, creased )

1937/38 £100 each  v Blackpool, v Clapton Orient,(Reserves, creased ) v Crystal Palace,(Reserves, creased ) v Grimsby, v Sunderland,

1938/39, £95 each, v Arsenal, v Birmingham, (Two Punch Holes) v Brentford, (TC's in pencil) v Derby, (Score noted, two punch holes) v Sunderland, (fold, damage to cover professionally repaired)
WAR-TIME PROGRAMMES, Single Sheet, double sided A4, most have a fold, with edge damage and slight paper loss and team changes)
1942/43, (£40 each) v Arsenal, (£225, FA Cup Final South)
1943/44 (£38 each) v Chelsea, (£200, FA Cup South Final, fold)
1944/45 (£35 each) v Arsenal,
1945/46, (£30 each) v Arsenal, (Tc's) v Aston Villa, v Birmingham, v Bolton, (£175, FA Cup Semi Final) v Brentford, v Chelsea, v Coventry, (two signatures ?) v Derby County, v Derby County, (£60, Pirate Program, FA Cup Final, creased) v Fulham, v Fulham, (FA Cup, complimentary on front) v Leicester, (marked) v Portsmouth, (torn along fold) v Southampton, (Punch holes)

1946/47, £18 each v Arsenal, v Blackburn, (writing centre page) v Brentford, v Burnley, (£150, FA Cup Final, punch holes, TC's) v Chelsea, (£25, back cover marked) v Derby, (signatures centre page) v Grimsby, (fade) v Huddersfield, (TC's) v Liverpool, (writing on cover) v Middlesbrough, v Norrkoping, (£30, friendly) v Preston, (FA Cup, punch holes) v Sheff Utd, (score centre page) v Stoke, (writing on cover) v Wolves, (TC's) 

1947/48, £16 each v Arsenal, v Blackburn, (score noted on cover) v Blackpool, v Bolton, v Chelsea, (fold, TC's) v Derby, (TC's) v Huddersfield, (TC's) v Newcastle, (FA Cup, fold) v Portsmouth, v Preston, (worn edges) v Stockport, (FA Cup, back cover marked) v Stoke, (Fold, team changes) v Sunderland, (number written on cover) v Wolves,

1948/49, £14 each  v Arsenal, (TC's) v Arsenal, (reserves, team changes) v Aston Villa, (fold) v Birmingham, (staple missing, small hole plus stained) v Bolton, v Blackpool, (score noted centre page) v Derby,(TC's) v Everton, v Huddersfield, (staple removed) v Leicester, (reserves, writing on cover) v Liverpool, (£25, complimentary) v Man City, v Middlesbrough, (rusty staple) v Preston, (TC's, score on cover) v Sheff Utd, (faded, TC's) v Stoke, v Wolves, 

1949/50, £13 each  Official Handbook, (£35, writing on back cover) v Arsenal, (TC's, v Aston Villa, (score noted) v Birmingham, (TC's) v Blackpool, (staple removed) v Bolton, (fold, half-times noted) v Burnley, v Cardiff, (fold, tape on spine) v Chelsea, v Derby, v Everton, v Fulham, (TC's) v Fulham, (FA Cup, worn edges), v Huddersfield, (TC's) v Liverpool, v Man City, v Man Utd, (fold, TC's) v Middlesbrough, (complimentary stamped on cover) v Newcastle, (fold, TC's) v Portsmouth, v Stoke, v Sunderland, v Watford, (football comb, punch holes, TC's)  v WBA, (fold, TC's) v Wolves, (worn edges, rusty staple)

CHARLTON ATHLETIC F.C. 1930's & 1940's Match Day Programmes