CAMBRIDGE UNITED F.C. Match Day Programmes

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Programmes are priced per programme per season, rarer editions are priced accordingly.

Programmes will be dispatched in a card backed envelope,

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1960/61, Southern League £5 each v Corby Town, (rust bleed) v Kettering, (score on cover) 

1962/63 Southern League Premier £4.50 each v Gravesend, (staple rusty) v Lowerstoft, (FA Cup Qual, staple rusty) v Sudbury Town, (FA Cup Qual) £7 v Wisbech, (slight mark)

1963/64 Southern League Premier £4.50 each v Bexley, v Hitchin, (FA Cup Qual) v Kettering, (Lge Cup) v Weymouth, v Wisbech, (bancroft cup, fold)

1964/65 Southern League £4 each v Bedford, v Cambridge City, £7  v Weymouth, (Southern Lge Cup Final, 2nd leg) £8 

1966/67 Southern League £4 each v Select XI, (Rodney Slack Testimonial) £8

1967/68 Southern League Prem Division £3.50 each v Barnet, (fold)

1969/70 Southern League Prem Division £3.50 each v Chelsea, (Friendly, small mark on back cover) £15

1970/71, Div 4, £7.50 each, (In To The League) v Barrow, v Bournemouth, v Brentford, v Chester, v Colchester, v Crewe, v Exeter, v Grimsby, v Hartlepool, v Lincoln, £10 v Newport, v Northampton, v Notts County, v Oldham, v Peterborough, £10 v Southend, v Southport, v Stockport, v Wimbledon, (southern lge cup) £10 v Workington, (fold) v York,  

1971/72, Div 4, £3 each v Colchester, v Crewe,

1972/73, Div 4, £2 each v Aldershot, v Barnsley, v Bradford City, v Bury, v Chester, v Colchester, v Crewe, v Darlington, v Exeter, v Hereford, v Lincoln, v Mansfield, (marked) v Northampton, v Peterborough, v Reading, v Southport, v Stockport,  v Torquay, v Workington,  

1973/74, Div 4, £2 each v Port Vale, v Southport,

1974/75, Div 4, £2 each  Official Handbook, (name on back cover) £10 v Chester, v Exeter, 

1976/77, Div 4, £2 each v Brentford, (score noted) 

1978/79, Div 2, £2 each v Norwich, (Willhire Cup) £6

1979/80, Div 2, £2 each v Colchester, (Wilhire Cup, fold) £5 v Norwich, (Willhire Cup, back cover marked) £5  v Sheff Utd, (Anglo-Scottish Cup) £6 v West Ham Utd, £4 v WBA, (T.Eades testimonial) £6

1982/83, Div 2, £2 each v Leeds Utd, 

1983/84, Div 2, £2 each  v Charlton,  v Leeds Utd, 

1984/85, Div 3, £2 each v Peterborough, (£3, Freight Rover Cup) v Select XI, (£4, charity match) 

1985/86, Div 3, £2 each  v Peterborough, (£3, Freight Rover Cup) 

1986/87, Div 4, £2 each v Tottenham, (£4, Lge Cup) v Wimbledon, 

1989/90, Div 4, £2 each v Chesterfield, (£10, Play-Off Final)

1991/92, Div 2, £2.50 each v Charlton, v Leicester, (£5, Play-Off Semi Final)

1996/97, Div 3, £2.50 each v Hartlepool, 

2002/2003, Div 3, £3 each v Torquay,

2004/2005, Div 2, £3 each v Norwich, (friendly) £8

2008/2009, Conference, v Torquay, (£10, Play-Off Final)

2009/2010, Conference, v Histon, (£5, Cambs Pro Cup Final)

2012/2013, Conference, £3.50 each v Grimsby,

2013/2014, Conference, £3.50 each v Gateshead, (£10, Play-Off Final) v Gosport, (£10, Trophy Final) v Lincoln, 

2014/2015, Div 2, £3.50 each v Man Utd, (£7.50, FA Cup) v Morecambe, v Plymouth, (£7.50, first game back in the league)
2021/2022, Div 1, £5 each v Charlton,

Cambridge United F.C. Match Day Football Programmes