BOLTON WANDERERS F.C. Match Day Programmes

Please e.mail us for program availability and invoice for your purchase.

Programmes are postage free with-in the UK and sent in a card backed envelope

Programmes are priced individually per season, rarer items carry a higher price.


1945/46, £20 each v Charlton, (FA Cup Semi Final) £175

1957/58, £7 each v Man United, (FA Cup Final, score written on centre page) £35

1959/60, £6 each v Blackpool,(fold) v Bury, (fold, marked)

1963/64, £4 each v Aston Villa, (worn) v Sheff Utd, 

1964/65, £4 each v Bury, (fold), v Cardiff,  v Charlton, v Huddersfield, v Ipswich,

1965/66, £4 each v Bristol City, v Carlisle,(April Postponed) v Carlisle, v Coventry, v Huddersfield, v Ipswich, v Orient, v Southampton, (team changes)

1966/67, £3 each v Arsenal, (FA Cup) £4 v Bury, v Charlton, v Coventry, v Crewe, (FA Cup, fold) v C.Palace, v Derby, (fold) v Huddersfield, (team changes) v Ipswich, v Northampton,(fold) v Select XI, 1/5/67 (G.Taylor Testimonial, rusty staple) £7 v Wolves

1967/68, £3 each v Blackpool, (team changes)  v Charlton, v Liverpool, (Lge Cup, fold) £4 v Millwall, v Plymouth, v Portsmouth, (corner crease)

1968/69, £3 each v Cardiff, v Charlton, v C.Palace, (fold) v Norwich,

1969/70, £3 each v Birmingham, v Carlisle, v Charlton,

1975/76, £2 each v Newcastle, (FA Cup, replay played at Elland Rd) £5

1977/78, £3 each (Promotion Season) v Leeds Utd, 

1978/79, £2 each v Leeds Utd, 

1979/80, £2 each v Leeds Utd, v Liverpool, 

1982/83, £2 each v Leeds Utd,

1993/94, £3 each v Charlton, 

1994/95, £3 each v Liverpool, (Lge Cup Final) £15 v Swindon, (Lge Cup Semi Final) £6

1995/96, £3 each v Liverpool, £4

1996/97, £4 each v Charlton, (£15, last game at Burnden Pk) v Chelsea, (Lge Cup)

2002/2003, £5 each v Charlton, v Fulham, 

BOLTON WANDERERS F.C. Match Day Programmes