BLACKBURN ROVERS F.C. Match Day Programmes

Please e.mail us for program availability and invoice for your purchase.

Programmes are postage free with-in the UK and sent in a card backed envelope

Programmes are priced per seaon, rarer items priced accordingly


1956/57, £5.50 each v Doncaster, (worn)

1957/58, £6 each, (Promotion Season) v Charlton, v Derby, (rusty staple with bleed, small tear), v Bristol City, (Rusty Staple with bleed)

1958/59, £4.50 each v Blackpool, (small tear) v Bolton, (rusty staple) v Leicester, v Newcastle, (fold) v Preston, 

1959/60, £4 each  v Bolton, (rusty staple) v Fulham, (fold) v Man City, (worn) v Wolves, (FA Cup Final) £25

1963/64, £3.50 each v Blackpool, v Bolton, (Half-Times noted)

1964/65, £3 each v Blackpool, v Leeds Utd, (rusty staple) v Liverpool, £5 v Nottm Forest, v Sheff Wed, (score noted) v Stoke, (scorers noted) v Sunderland, v West Ham Utd, 

1965/66, £3 each v Aston Villa, v Blackpool, v Fulham, v Northampton, (stained) £6 v Nottm Forest, v Sheff Utd, (cover marked) v Sheff Wed, v Sunderland, (Cover creased and torn)

1966/67, £3 each v Coventry, 

1967/68, £2.50 each v Carlisle, v Charlton, (£4, abandoned, Oct)

1968/69, £2.50 each v Hull,

1969/70, £2.50 each v Aston Villa, v Leicester, (TC's)
1973/74, £2 each v Charlton,

1981/82, £2 each v Leeds Utd, (£5, Friendly) 

1982/83, £2 each v Leeds Utd, 

1983/84, £2 each v Leeds Utd, 

1984/85, £2 each v Leeds Utd, 

1985/86, £2 each v Leeds Utd, 

1986/87, £2 each v Charlton, (£7, Full Members Cup Final) v Leeds Utd,

1987/88, £2 each v Leeds Utd,

1995/96, £2.50 each v Chelsea,

2001/2002, £4 each v Southampton, v Tottenham, (£10, Lge Cup Final) 

2002/2003, £4 each v Charlton,

2013/2014, £4 each v Charlton,

2015/2016, £4 each v Charlton, 

2018/2019, £4 each v Stoke, 

BLACKBURN ROVERS F.C. Match Day Programmes