1990's ARSENAL F.C. Match Day Home Programmes 

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1990/91,£5 each (Champions) Official Handbook, (£10) v Tottenham, (£6, Rix Testimonial) v Tottenham, (£6, FA Cup Semi Final)

1991/92, £3 each v Austria Memphis, (£4, ECWC) v Benfica, (ECWC) £6 v Celtic, (£10, Davies Testimonial) v Liverpool, v Tottenham, (£10, Charity Shield) 

1992/93, £3 each (FA Cup Winners)v Crystal Palace, (£5, Lge Cup Semi) £5 v Man Utd, (£6, Oleary Testimonial) v Sheff Wed, (£10, League Cup Final, edges worn) v Sheff Wed, (£16, FA Cup Final) v Sheff Wed, (£75, FA Cup Final Replay) v Tottenham, (£6, FA Cup Semi)

1993/94, £3 each Official Handbook, (£10) v Liverpool, v Man Utd, v Man Utd, (£6, Charity Shield) v Tottenham,

1994/95, £3 each v AC Milan, (£6, Euro Super Cup) v Auxerre, (£5, ECWC) v Brondby, (£5, ECWC) v C.Palace, (£7, Adams Testimonial) v Liverpool, v Millwall, (FA Cup) v Omonia, (£5, ECWC) v Real Zaragosa, (£18, ECWC Final) v Sampdoria, (£7, ECWC Semi)

1995/96, £3 each v Aston Villa, v Aston Villa, (£6, Lge Cup Semi Final) v Blackburn, v Bolton, v Chelsea, v Coventry, v Hartlepool, (Lge Cup) v Everton, v Internacional (£10, Friendly) v Leeds Utd, v Liverpool, v Man City, v Man Utd, v Middlesbrough, v Newcastle, v Newcastle, (Lge Cup) v Nottm Forest, v QPR, v Sampdoria, (£6, Smith Testimonial) v Select XI, (£8, Merson Testimonial) v Sheff Utd, v Sheff Wed, v Sheff Wed, (Lge Cup) v Southampton, v Tottenham, v West Ham, v Wimbledon,

1996/97, £4 each v Chelsea,

1997/98, £6 each (Double Winners)v Chelsea, (Lge Cup Semi Final) v Newcastle, (£25, FA Cup Final) v Paok Salonika, (UEFA Cup) v West Ham Utd, (spine torn)

1998/99, £3 each v Aston Villa, Blackburn, v Chelsea, (Lge Cup) v Chelsea, v Coventry, v Derby, v Derby, (FA Cup), v Dynamo Kiev, (£5, Champions Lge) v Everton, v Leeds Utd, v Leicester, v Lens, (£5, Champions Lge) v Liverpool, v Man Utd, (£10, Charity Shield) v Man Utd, v Man Utd, (£15, FA Cup Semi Final) v Middlesbrough, v Newcastle, v Nottm Forest, v Panathinaikos, (£5, Champions League) v Sheff Utd, (FA Cup) v Sheff Utd, (FA Cup, rearranged) v Sheff Wed, v Southampton, v Tottenham, v West Ham Utd, v Wimbledon, 

1999/2000, £3 each  Official Handbook, (£7.50) v AIK Solna, (£5, Champions Lge) v Aston Villa, v Barcelona, (£5, Champions Lge) v Blackpool, (FA Cup) v Bradford City, v Charlton, (reserves, fold, TC's) v Chelsea, v Coventry, (£6, FA Youth Cup Final) v Deportivo La Coruna, (£5, UEFA Cup) v Derby, v Everton, v Fiorentina, (£5, UEFA Cup) v Galatasary, (£25, UEFA Cup Final) v Leeds Utd, v Leicester, v Leicester, (FA Cup) v Liverpool, v Man Utd, (£10, Charity Shield) v Man Utd, v Middlesbrough, v Nantes, (£5, UEFA cup) v Newcastle, v Preston, (Lge Cup) v Racing Club De Lens, (£10, EUFA Cup Semi Final) v Real Madrid, (£7, Dixon Testimonial) v Sheff Wed, v Solna, (£5, Champions League) v Southampton,  v Sunderland, v Tottenham, v Watford, v Werder Bremen, (£5, UEFA Cup) v West Ham Utd, v Wimbledon, 


1990's Arsenal F.C. Match Day Programmes